In a world that seems to be getting busier, it’s no word of a lie that we as modern business owners have A LOT on our plates.

In addition to running our businesses and driving profitability, we have emails to respond to, meetings to plan, invoices to keep track of, staff to manage, reports to write, supplies to order, and of course…travel to manage.

And, if you’ve ever planned a trip, whether be it for business or pleasure, you’d know all too well that there’s an abundance of sites available to help you.

From finding flights, accommodation and car hire, right through to booking tours and restaurants, the amount of choices out there can be somewhat overwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong, having lots of options is fantastic. However, in the real world, most of us simply don’t have spare time up our sleeves to sift through a mountain of results in order to narrow it down to the best fit.

Travel planning requires copious amounts of organisation, research and schedule coordination, which can be stressful and VERY time consuming.

End-to-end travel planning is a key service offered by a number of modern-day Virtual Assistants. Often these VAs come equipped with years of experience from managing travel-related tasks in their previous corporate roles, often as the company’s Executive Assistant.

Virtual Travel Assistants can research, book, schedule and coordinate every detail of your trip, from the beginning when you walk out your front door, to the end when you return through that very same door, including:

  • Researching and booking flights
  • Researching and booking hotels
  • Arranging airport transfers or car hire
  • Reading customer reviews and recommending or booking restaurants
  • Creating detailed itineraries
  • Booking sightseeing tours and tickets
  • Booking meeting rooms and catering
  • Arranging travel insurance
  • Managing travel preferences, e.g. window seats, high floor, room type etc
  • Around the clock support for impromptu plans

As you can see, personal Travel Assistants go above and beyond just booking your flights and hotels. Whether it’s a meeting that’s been rescheduled, a flight that’s been delayed, a personal emergency, or a change in venue, all it takes is a quick call to your Virtual Assistant, who will be on-hand day or night to make the necessary arrangements that ensures your trip continues to run smoothly.

Using a Virtual Travel Assistant really can be a game changer for you and your business.

If you’re ready to outsource your travel planning or would like to know more about my other virtual assistant services, feel free to contact me by email or by sending me a message via the contact form on this website.